Irons in the Fire

Ian “Kenners” Kennedy & Mike “Dobbo” Dobson

The expression, “Too many irons in the fire”, is derived from the trade of blacksmithing. If a blacksmith attempts to heat too many pieces of iron in his fire at once, it cools the fire and none of the pieces of iron will heat properly. The phrase dates back to the mid-1500s.

Please don’t be fooled by our silence as we do have a few irons in the fire, not too many thank heavens, but enough that we see some exciting communications ahead if the cards fall our way. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to release much at the moment because we are still pounding away at them but what I can say is that the Hoppers have been busy, working feverously, looking to hit a few more key milestones in the near future.

Night Tunnel & Seven Nil

In the meantime, our construction drawings have been with a few builders for a few months now. Recent communications have indicated that quotes should be back with us anytime soon which then means the ball falls back into our court as we will need to go through them in detail, talk to the builders, ask for quote adjustments (if required), appoint a winner…… and dare I say it…… set a date to break ground….!! Breaking ground is a key milestone moment for us which would trigger a massive celebration. I do see myself shedding a tear that day as it’s been such a long journey to date.

In the meantime, we are preparing ourselves for a much busier lifestyle in the coming months. We still continue to talk with all our suppliers as we get ready to pull the trigger on the few purchases that will take time to arrive on our doorstep. Our face-to-face meetings are now at least once, if not twice a week, our website will soon receive a fresh lick of paint and each Hopper has received instruction to build a playlist of their own liking to add to our Spotify account “Hoppy DelMar”. Gypsy brewing is still an important part of our make up and we just may have a new beer alert in the near future.

Things are happening at the Hoppers; I can feel the increase in energy frequency. It fees good. It.  Time to buckle up and get ready for the ride. We look forward to bringing you along with us.

Gypsy Brewing
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