Pivot with a Purpose

Well, it’s about time we brought you up to date with things as much has changed. If you have been following our socials, you would have seen the introduction of our distilling side of things – Wicked Spirits. You would have also noticed a few new beer releases which have kept the brew fires burning. But there’s a new development we would like to bring your attention to.

For some time now we have been in a lengthy process to get our much-loved Tweed block approved for development. This took much longer than expected. In fact, what we thought would be a 6-month process turned out to be more like two years. And when we finally succeeded in obtaining our DA (Development Approval) and were able to enter the market to get builders quotes we landed right in the middle of an uniquely unfortunate situation. One where builders were hard to come by and quotes even harder.

We finally managed to find the “industry standard” three builders to quote on the project and away we went. Quoting for this project takes several months as builders must engage with many subcontractors for their quotes and then put everything together to present to the client. As the months dragged on one builder dropped out. Then when it finally came time to receive the other two tenders only one submitted a price ,which was astronomical to say the least. More than double what we expected which brought the whole project into question at that point in time.

Beer Release – We think Will likes it

In business there is a concept called the “pivot” and it basically means changing some aspect of business or service to improve the outcome (usually profitability) of any situation. It wasn’t long before we realised that we needed some time to let the building industry cool off so that we could then reenter the market at a time when building prices were more reasonable. Our DA is valid for another four and a half years, so we have time.

For awhile now we have been brewing up in Brisbane at Fonzie Abbott Brewery and over that time we have formed a strong positive relationship with the owner. He has often asked if we would like to take over the lease and purchase his equipment. Until recently our focus was always on the Tweed so the idea, although enticing wasn’t at the forefront of our minds. Receiving that one builders’ quote and the lack of others changed things drastically. Before we knew it, we had successfully negotiated the lease and the purchase of the equipment and as of last Monday we have indeed pivoted and focused our attention on our new brewery Hoppers Crosby Road in Albion.

This week has been about cleaning and clearing and getting a brew or two into the tanks. Next week we see builders, electricians, painters, window subcontractors and even a graffiti artist join us as we transform the brewery into a space ready to welcome friends and patrons. Much smaller than the Tweed we see it as the perfect pivot whilst we hone our skills in all facets of the brewing/distilling game and wait until the time is right to renter the “Tweed Zone”.

The classic ‘Before’ shot.

Opening early June there’s a lot to get done and little time but we have been waiting so long to start this adventure the challenge is something we have taken on feverishly. We will be sure to post regular updates and pictures on our main socials, Facebook and Instagram, as a lot will be happening quickly. And of course an opening date will be communicated once we have a better understanding of when that will actually be.

To those disappointed by the another Tweed delay we apologise but please know the journey will be resumed soon and we will then be more skilled, more excited and more driven to deliver a brewery to the Tweed that is a destination in itself.

For now. Bring it on! Hoppers Crosby Road in Albion. Here we come Brissie. Get ready because the Hoppers are coming to town and we’re just a little bit excited. Actually a lot. Hope to see you there for a brew.

Talk soon.

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