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Hello everyone. Well, what a ride Col, Ian and I have been on with our Crosby Road brewery opening just over six weeks ago. Our footprint has been in everything as we have been busy brewing, distilling, cleaning, bar keeping, communicating, bookkeeping and the list goes on. Overall it’s been really encouraging, and we see a bright future for Crosby Road. There’s still a lot to do but it’s early days and as each week passes our list gets a little less.

So, let’s get stuck into an update of sorts.

We need your help! Reluctantly but necessarily, we have had to move from our Facebook group to a page.  Transitioning has become necessary for several reasons. By making this shift, we can enhance our online presence, strengthen our community outreach, and ultimately, bolster our social media strategy to achieve greater success. If only I had been told this many years ago, but you live and learn through your mistakes. Here’s the link if you haven’t liked our page already:


Antipasto Platter

Food Trucks have now become a regular at the brewery, which is a delicious addition bringing a whole new dimension to the overall Hopper experience. Not only does it complement our craft beers and spirits perfectly, but it also creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, where guests can savour a diverse array of mouthwatering cuisines. Food trucks provide a rotating menu, keeping things fresh and exciting for our patrons, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences. This innovative concept fosters a sense of community, as visitors can gather around these mobile kitchens, socialize, and share their culinary discoveries. Embracing food trucks at our brewery means elevating the level of enjoyment for our guests, fostering memorable moments, and supporting local food entrepreneurs, all while enriching the overall ambiance of our establishment.

We have also brought our new reservations system into play, which is a game-changer, designed to streamline the booking process and offer unparalleled convenience for you, our valued customers. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, making reservations has never been easier and as summer starts to peek through, we envisage a busier time at Crosby Road. You can find a link to our reservation system on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Google pages. If you are planning a visit and have a crew with you make sure you book to avoid disappointment.

Bloody Mary

Festoon Alley will soon have a TV installed for any major sporting events. We recognise the strong sporting culture in the area and want Crosby Road to be a place for everyone. Never planning to be a sports bar the TV will mostly be silent so it won’t affect the bar, beer garden or mez areas, but will offer our sporting nuts a place to congregate and tune in.

Sundays are fast becoming known for its music and beverages. “Ska Sunday Bloody Mary Sunday” has quickly gained a reputation for being a must-attend event, where the perfect blend of music and drinks creates an unforgettable experience. The infectious rhythms of ska music set the stage for a lively and energetic atmosphere, captivating attendees with its upbeat tempo. Meanwhile, the expertly crafted Bloody Mary cocktails add a flavorful twist, perfectly complementing the vibrant tunes and turning Sundays into a day of excitement, camaraderie, and delightful libations.

One more thing because if you have made it this far you deserve to know something we have been keeping quiet. Ssshhhhh!! We have hired a Head Brewer that starts in the not-too-distant future. Want to know more? Come in and have a chat with us.

Over & Out.

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