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Exciting times are brewing at Hoppers Brewing Co as we embrace a new chapter with our recently appointed new Head Brewer Greg Larsen on deck. With a fresh perspective and a passion for innovation, Greg is set to unleash a wave of creative and tantalizing new brews onto our taps in the upcoming weeks. Get ready to savour a range of flavours that push the boundaries of craft beer, all while upholding the exceptional quality that defines the Hoppers brand.

But that’s not all – we’re expanding our offerings beyond the glass. Introducing our newest additions, a top-of-the-line pizza oven and an imminent acquisition of a Japanese grill for the Yak Shak. These culinary enhancements are poised to take your dining experience to new heights, with delectable artisanal pizzas and savory delights straight from the grill. We’re aiming to have these culinary delights operational by the end of September, just in time for you to savour them as the Spring takes full flight.

And that’s not the only aspect of Hoppers that’s getting a facelift. Our Wicked Spirits brand has been hard at work, crafting a medley of new flavors in spirits that are bound to tickle your taste buds. From intriguing twists on classic concoctions to entirely new creations, these new spirit offerings will undoubtedly elevate your libation choices and complement your in-house experience.

As we evolve and grow, our team is expanding as well. With fresh faces joining the Hoppers family, you can expect to be greeted by new smiling faces as you step through our doors. Our commitment to exceptional service remains as strong as ever, and these new team members are dedicated to ensuring that your time at Hoppers is nothing short of fantastic.

Intriguing brews, delectable dishes, innovative spirits, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere – Hoppers Brewing Co is raising the bar in every aspect. Keep an eye out for our tantalizing new brews on tap and get ready to indulge in a complete sensory experience that captures the essence of Hoppers.

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