Never Stop Dreaming – Part 2

The Hip Hoppers

Over time the four Hip Hopper founders had often discussed taking the company to the next level by starting a brewery, but their demanding professions stopped them from developing it further. We did register a company and put a small amount of funds into a common account so reflecting on it now, there must have been something in the wind. However it never seemed to go to the next level. I even remember a time in late night conversations with my father admitting that I thought ‘The Hip Hoppers’ had moved to a space where it was nothing more than a home brew society as we all were on different focused paths.

The Original Bud Man

Fast forward to 2019 when the word changed almost overnight, and COVID-19 took hold of our lives in one way or another. Everything changed and, good or bad, it forced us all to look at things differently. Travel wasn’t possible, work dried up for many and people started to question their current life positions. We were all locked away in our own little bubbles with more then enough time to think. In the early stages of 2020, on a random Saturday afternoon the Hoppers Team found themselves on a deck, beer in hand musing about the morrow. With the uncertainty of the future and the sudden changes to everyone’s life structure there came the collective realisation that there was now the space to follow this dream as well as the time to turn it into a reality. Possibility had taken the microphone and we were all listening.

Despite the chaos in everyone’s life, four friends on that very Saturday afternoon collectively understood that possibility and reality had now entered the same circle. From that day the next part of our journey began.

Despite any of the personal doubts we had ever had, we never closed the company, we never stopped hosting craft beer nights, we never stopped brewing, we never had a conversation to tell each other it was over – we had never stopped dreaming.

And here we are today about to build a brewery!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

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