July Update

Well folks, we had hoped to be breaking ground by now but still find ourselves negotiating our way through council approvals. We believe we are close which is exciting. Then again, we thought that at the start of June and here we are in the same place mid-July.

I often refer to this quote in moments of frustration:

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Joyce Meyer

We have a council hearing at the beginning of August and are confident of a positive outcome. How can we not be? Nothing to date indicates we can’t be doing what we propose. The zoning permits artisan brewing and we have met all councils’ requirements to date.  We also have the support of a great Designer and Town Planner who have been great to work with.

The date of the council hearing is the 4th August. We will report back to you shortly after and appreciate all the good karma sent our way. Thank you for all your positive communication recieved. It means a lot to us.

In the meantime, hot off the press, here is an artist impression of what the inside of the brewery may look like in the future. Early days and things may change but from wat we see…. we like..

Talk soon.

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